Services Provided

My practice includes children, teens, adults, couples and families. I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to my client's individual needs.  That may mean weekly or twice monthly sessions over the course of a year or shorter term problem focused treatment.

The decision about how often to meet and with what focus is a collaborative experience. We discuss your history and the issues that brought you to treatment. You set the goals and determine how quickly or slowly you want to pursue change. Sometimes therapy is needed during difficult life transitions.  Supportive psychotherapy doesn't just focus on one goal but on a process of recovery.

I understand the struggles associated with the effects of prolonged conflict on relationships. I have devoted many years to helping families create positive, child centered parenting plans. I work with couples during divorce to develop a new relationship with regard to coparenting. If couples become stuck in a destructive paradigm they often bring the problems of the marriage into the post divorce parenting relationship. Children can be devastated by ongoing parental conflict.

I accept court referrals for child therapy, coparent counseling and reunification therapy. I help parents understand the impact of prolonged conflict on children. I  use the guidelines provided by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts AFCC as part of treatment. I work with collaborative professionals. I am sometimes used as a child specialist or a parent coach. Family Centered Child Inclusive Divorce.

Therapy with children and adolescents forms half of my practice. It includes children with different learning abilities such as academically gifted and learning disabled. I review individual education plans IEPdesigned for children with emotional and learning disorders. I help families understand how to best support children struggling with school related problems.

Some children I treat are diagnosed with severe mood or anxiety disorders, OCD, eating/feeding disorders or substance/alcohol abuse. I work with psychiatrists and medical doctors when medication evaluations are indicated. In cases where outpatient treatment is not sufficient I refer families to programs at hospitals like UCSF.

My experience with adults covers an equally broad range of issues including mood/anxiety disorders, OCD,  addiction,  chronic pain/illness, grief and life transitions.  I have worked with adult survivors of abuse and trauma. I have experience with children and adults diagnosed with Aspergers and Non Verbal Learning Disorders. AD and NVL
I offer consultation and collaboration to many professionals including educators, attorneys, mediators, physicians and other therapists.

During our initial phone conversation we will be able to discuss the problem for which you are seeking treatment and how I can help.

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